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Welcome to NIMS Dental Hospital: Your Destination for Healthy Smiles in Ahmedabad

Are you tired of bleeding gums and the plaque build-up in your mouth? Do your teeth scream “ouch” every time you desire to take a bite of your favourite dessert? Or probably you are worried about your bad breath and the endless cavities? Whatever is your concern, buying over-the-counter medicines or branded toothpaste’s may not give you a permanent and promising solution. For simple to complex dental problems, you need an experienced and qualified assistance. So, now are you wondering from where to get professional help? Don’t worry – smile! As NIMS Dental Hospital – the leading and most reliable hospital got your back!

NIMS Dental Hospital in Ahmedabad is a proficient dental clinic led by the renowned Dr Manpreet Kaur. Under the guidance and expertise of the best dentists in Ahmedabad, at NIMS Dental Hospital, we strive to provide a compassionate and comprehensive dental care to all our patients. Our goal is to offer a pleasant service that transcends an ordinary dental check-up to become a place that dedicated transform lives by creating one smile at a time!


Dental Care Services

Dental Implants

Restore your missing teeth and confidence with our advanced dental implant solutions. Our team, led by

Teeth Whitening

Transform your smile with our teeth whitening treatments. Dr. Kaur and our skilled team eliminate .

Pediatric Dentistry

Start your child's oral health journey right with our gentle pediatric .

Dental Aligners

Achieve a perfectly aligned smile with our discreet dental aligner treatments. Our orthodontic expertise .

Dental Braces

Whether traditional or modern, our dental braces correct misalignments and bite issues. Dr. Kaur's

Smile Design

Discover the art of smile transformation with our personalized smile design services. Dr. Kaur's

Root Canal Treatments

Say goodbye to tooth pain with our advanced root canal treatments. Dr.

Zirconia Crowns and Bridges

Restore your teeth's strength and aesthetics with our zirconia crowns

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  • At NIMS, we understand the significance of a beautiful, pain-free and bright smile and its impact on your overall health and well-being. Therefore, we offer a range of dental services to address all the unique concerns of each patient. As the best dental hospital in Ahmedabad, we provide preventive care to cosmetic dentistry with advanced machinery, improved practices and modern research. Our state-of-the-art facility in Ahmedabad is equipped with world-class amenities and facilities to ensure that your dental visits are comfortable. We are proud to embrace the latest dental technologies and techniques, to ensure that no compromise is done on the quality of your treatment.
  • Our team of best dentists in Ahmedabad, are on their toes to deliver a smooth, convenient and efficient dental cure at all times. In fact, our skilled yet friendly dentists ensure to keep a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where there’s no space for tooth aches! Our treatment plans are tailored to your needs. Our team believes in educating the patient about their oral health, the procedure and treatment costs so that they can make informed decisions. Along with prioritising your oral health, we also keep complete transparency in our services! As the best dental hospital in Ahmedabad, we offer flexible scheduling of appointment to make it hassle-free experience for you.
Allow us to restore your oral health. Book an appointment with NIMS Dental Hospital to flaunt a smile that radiates happiness...


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Dental Treatments With Warranties

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  • Crowns: 5 Years Free Replacement Warranty.
  • Bridges: 3 Years Free Replacement Warranty.
  • Fillings: 2 Years Warranty.
  • Root Canal: 5 Years Warranty.
  • Nobel Biocare: 20 Years Free Replacement Warranty.

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